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Item #: 11871

Antique Wang King sterling silver belt buckle

Antique Wang King sterling silver 2 piece belt buckle circa 1900. Weighs 36.5 grams. Wang Hing & Co. was a Chinese company that exported silver jewelry and objects from Canton, China from 1845–1925. They made a variety of silver belt buckles and other items for both domestic and export. Measures 3 by 2.25 inches when closed together. Excellent condition.


Item #: 11869

Old Pawn Navajo sandcast silver cuff bracelet

Old Pawn Navajo heavy sand cast silver cuff bracelet with Thunderbird design. Early 20th century. Weighs 69.1 grams. Small size: inside width is 3 and one eighth inches, and opening is 1 inch. A jeweler could expand the opening using heat. Excellent estate condition. "Old pawn" is a term used in the Native American art world to describe jewelry that was pawned by tribes, such as the Navajo, and never reclaimed. The term originated around the turn of the 20th century, when traders would exchange supplies, such as food, rope, and blankets, for jewelry from their Navajo neighbors. The jewelry was often well-made and intended for personal or family use, but was pawned out of necessity or for safekeeping. Because it was often unclaimed, the jewelry is also sometimes called "dead pawn".


Item #: 11854

18thc English sterling silver nut spoon

18th century English sterling silver pierce cut nut spoon. Hallmarked but illegible apart from the maker's mark W.T. Length 6 inches. Weight 17.4 grams.


Item #: 11823

Silvered bronze dog sculpture by J Moigniez

Jules MOIGNIEZ (1835-1894) silvered bronze sculpture of two terriers. Measures 4.5 inches long, 3.25 inches high and 2 inches wide. Excellent condition. Superb attention to detail. It is unusual to find two dogs in a single Moigniez sculpture. Listed in Benezit. Jules Moigniez was born in Senlis sur L'Oise, France in 1835 and died in Saint-Martin-du-Teire, France on May 29, 1894. The son of a metal gilder, Moigniez was a student of Paul Comolera. Moigniez debuted at the Exposition Universelle in 1855 with Pointer, Pheasant, Falcon and Weasel each in plaster. Moigniez contributed regularly to the Paris Salon from 1859–92 during which he exhibited over 30 sculptures including Pointer, Pheasant, Falcon and Weasel in bronze. Moigniez was awarded an honorable mention at the Salon and received a medal in London at the Great Exposition in 1862. Moigniez lived most of his life in Paris. During his career, Moigniez was widely popular in France, England and America. His bronzes were most decorative, particularly those of game birds. Moigniez also sculpted dogs, farm animals and equestrian groups. Moigniez's dogs reflected the "naturalism" style of Pierre Jules Mene. Moigniez’s bird sculptures were reminiscent of paintings by deHondecoeter, Casteels and Snyders. Moigniez’s sculptures of birds reflect dynamic movement as if captured through a high-speed photographic portrait. Moigniez bronzes were edited, cast, by the foundry his father opened in 1857. A wide variety of patinations, including silver plate, golden bronze and gilding were unique to these lifetime casts. After Moigniez’s death, most of his bronzes were cast by A. Gouge, who also edited most of Comolera's sculptures.


Item #: 11815

Alvin sterling silver vanity set

Antique Alvin sterling silver vanity set: comb, hairbrush, and mirror. Like-new condition, as though it was barely or never used. No monogram, scratches or dings. Comb is 7.5" long, hairbrush is 10.25" long and mirror is 14.75" long. HISTORY AND MARKS: Founded by Wm. H. Jamoneau in 1886 as Alvin Mfg. Co. in Irvington, New Jersey. The firm changed to Alvin-Beiderhase Co (c.1893) under the management of Wm. H. Jamoneau, Henry H. Leibe and George B. Beiderhase moving in 1895 to Sag Harbour, Long Island. In 1897 Alvin-Beiderhase Co, maker of Official World Fair souvenir spoons for 1893-94 Chicago Columbian Exposition, was purchased by Joseph Fahys & Co (watch-case manufacturer) operating as a branch until 1910. In 1919 the name changed to Alvin Silver Co until 1928 when assets, dies and patterns were purchased by Gorham Corporation operating in Providence plant as a separated division of Gorham under the name of Alvin Corporation. CHRONOLOGY Alvin Mfg. Co. 1886-1893 Alvin-Beiderhase Co 1894-1919 Alvin Silver Co 1919-1928 Alvin Corporation from 1928


Item #: 11778

Silver and mother of pearl dessert service for 12

Antique silver plate and mother of pearl dessert service for 12, consisting of 12 forks and 12 knives. Excellent original condition. French, stamped with a flower and P.F, circa 1900. Forks are 6.5" long and knives are 7.25' long.


Item #: 11773

Antique S Kirk and Son sterling silver salad applied lacing set c1896

Antique S. Kirk and Son Co. oversized Repousse sterling silver salad set with applied lacey bowls. Circa 1896-1914 .Weight 8.765 ounces. Monogrammed on the back of the handles MEH. Spoon 9.75' long, fork 9.5" long.


Item #: 11743

Shreve sterling silver vanity jar c1900

Shreve and Company, San Francisco, sterling silver vanity jar circa 1900. Very good original condition. Some minor traces of usage. Measures 4 inches across and 3 inches high. Weighs 173.5 grams.


Item #: 11740

Gorham sterling silver vanity mirror c1900

Gorham sterling silver vanity mirror circa 1900. Very good condition with one small spot on the mirror where the silver behind the glass is lifting. Measures 9.5 inches long and 5.25 inches across.


Item #: 11726

J L Treharn tiger maple silver table

J. L. Treharn tiger maple silver table, or silver server, in the country Queen Anne style. Signature square wooden pin construction, strong all over tiger grain, single drawer. J. L. Treharn, of Youngstown, Ohio, no longer produces hand crafted furniture. The table measures 25.5" wide x 15.5" deep x 34" high; the drawer is 5.5" deep inside. Pristine condition.


Item #: 11707

Sterling silver salt cellar London 1755

Sterling silver salt cellar hallmarked William Robertson London 1755-56. Trifid feet. Excellent condition. Weighs 37.5 grams. Measures 2.75" across the feet and 2" across the rim.


Item #: 11705

Sterling silver salt cellar London 1760

Sterling silver salt cellar hallmarked Dorothy Mills London 1760-1761. Measures 3 inches across the feet and 2 inches across the rim. Very good condition, no repairs. Weighs 41.8 grams.


Item #: 11666

Sterling silver cuff bracelet by Charles Garnier Paris

Vintage estate sterling silver wavy ribbon cuff bracelet by Charles Garnier Paris. Satin finish with polished band edges. Weighty but not cumbersome at 2.25 ounces. Measures 1.5 inches wide. Can be slightly opened or closed to fit most wrists. By 1901 Charles Garnier had established his reputation in Paris as a masterful designer of jewelry. Working in the time of Cartier and Vuitton, his creations soon became respected and admired for their exceptional quality and elegance. Charles Garnier Paris continues this tradition.


Item #: 11655

Sterling silver and cranberry glass mustard pot

Sterling silver relish or mustard pot and ladle. Cranberry glass liner. Circa 1900. Height 3 and three-eighths inches to finial.


Item #: 11634

Six American coin silver spoons c1835

Set of six American coin silver spoons circa 1835. Hallmark of Newell Matson (1817-1887, Oswego, NY). Monogram initials are ED. Each spoon is 9 inches long. The set weighs 10.28 ounces. Excellent condition.


Item #: 11617

Egyptian 900 silver shaker

Egyptian 900 silver shaker. Very finely worked engraved bands. Hallmarks for Alexandria, before 1945. Height is 6 inches. Weight is 5.7 ounces.


Item #: 11615

German silver covered warming pot with turned wood handle

German sterling silver covered warming pot with turned wood handle, weighs 8 ozs. Excellent condidion. Meaures 4 inches across and 4 inches to top of finial and the handle is 3.5 inches long.


Item #: 11606

Georgian silver sugar tongs London 1808 J Beadnall

Georgian sterling silver sugar tongs. Hallmarked London 1808-09 John Beadnall. Lovely feather edge. Excellent original condition. Measuring 5.5 inches long and weighing 1.3 ounces.


Item #: 11597

Antique sterling silver tea strainer with wood handle

Antique sterling silver tea strainer with turned wood handle. Gorham, late 19th century. Monogram reads MAB. Length is 8.25 inches.


Item #: 11589

Large Venetian carved silver gilt mirror D Milch and Son

Large Venetian baroque style mirror, hand carved wood with silver gilt surface. D. Milch and Son, early 20th century. D. Milch & Son Inc. was a renowned home decor house that opened in the early part of the 20th century. Excellent patina and condition. Measures 51 inches tall and 31 inches wide overall.


Item #: 11582

Argentine yerba mate gourd cups

Pair of Argentine yerba mate gourd cups mounted in silver with copper accents. Early 20th century. Heights are 3.75 and 3.5 inches.


Item #: 11580

Spanish colonial silver santo crown

Nineteenth century Spanish colonial silver santo crown. Diminutive size: 2.5 inches high and wide. The opening in the bottom is exactly 1 inch. The dove of peace is perched on the central gilt silver orb. Beautiful workmanship and fine condition.


Item #: 11542

Set of four French dolphin salt cellars in nicklel silver 19thc

Set of four matching antique French dolphin salt cellars. Nickel silver, 19th century. Note the hand-cut screws and nuts on each base. Dimensions: 3.25" long x 2.25" high.


Item #: 11539

Chinese silver overlay teapot with 2 cups

Vintage Chinese teapot with 2 cups. Matte brown pottery with silver overlay. Unusual form. Measures 6.5" high x 7.5" wide.


Item #: 11524

Treharn silver tables in tiger maple on black

Pair of matching J. L. Treharn silver tables. Crackle black painted surface with highly figured tiger maple tops and drawer fronts. All hand block-planed with signature Treharn square wooden peg construction. Excellent condition. Unsigned. Each measures 25.5" wide x 15.5" deep x 33.75" high; the drawers are 5.25" deep.


Item #: 11472

Sterling silver and ebony F M Whiting tea strainer c1896

Sterling silver and ebony tea strainerF M Whiting tea strainer c1896-1914. Marked Sterling 20234. Measures 7 x 3 and one eighth inches.


Item #: 11435

Stieff sterling silver carving set for Colonial Willamsburg

Stieff sterling silver carving set with pistol handles. Made for Colonial Willamsburg. Knife is 13.25" long and fork is 10.5" long.


Item #: 11294

Large amber and silver pendant made in Mexico

Large amber and silver pendant made in Mexico. Mid to late 20th century. Excellent condition. Measures 2.25 inches wide by 2.75 inches long and hangs 30 inches with clasp. Marked TV Sterling.


Item #: 11286

Roderick Tenorio sterling silver Pueblo bracelet

Vintage Roderick Tenorio sterling silver Pueblo cuff bracelet. Marked JMT sterling. Striking asymmetric design. Roderick Tenorio is a Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo) artisan who shares the hallmark with his wife Marilyn.


Item #: 11234

Vintage Navajo sterling silver cross pendant

Vintage Navajo sterling silver cross pendant necklace. The silver is as smooth as satin. Each link has double-sided engraving depicting fish, snakes, arrows, birds and other designs. Weight is 2 ounces. The cross is 3 inches high by 1.75 inches wide. The chain is 28 inches long. Excellent condition.


Item #: 11184

Robert Lee Morris sterling silver bracelet

RLM Studio (Robert Lee Morris) sterling silver link bracelet in excellent condition. Measures 7.5 inches long with (6) 1.25-inch round discs. Weighs 52.6 grams..


Item #: 11176

Vintage Taxco sterling silver and turquoise bracelet

Vintage cuff bracelet marked RMC 925 Taxco Mexico. Sterling silver and turquoise. Excellent estate condition with 12 well-matched turquoise cabochon stones. Inside circumference is 5.5 inches; width is 1.5 inches. Weighs 52.8 grams


Item #: 11172

Gorham sterling silver coffee spoons

Gorham sterling silver coffee set of 12 spoons and a sugar nip. The spoons have gold vermeil bowls. Original box. Like-new condition.


Item #: 10910

Ridgeway Dr Johnson silver luster pitcher c1825

Ridgeway Staffordshire Doctor Johnson silver luster toby jug circa 1825. Measures 5.5 inches high and 5.5 inches spout to handle. Very good condition.


Item #: 10793

Georgian sterling meat skewer London 1815

Georgian sterling silver meat skewer. London 1814-15. Maker's mark untraced. Measures 12 inches long and weighs 2.57 ounces troy. Typical wear for its age.


Item #: 10762

19thc English champagne bucket

19th century English champagne bucket made from Sheffield silver, leather and wood in the early Arts and Crafts style. Monogrammed "From R. B. 1886". Measures 7 inches tall, 6 inches wide at the base and 5 inches wide at the top with a 4.5 inch wide opening. Excellent original condition.


Item #: 10719

Sheffield silver serving spoon with gold vermeil

Embossed Sheffield silver serving spoon. Heavily embossed with a gold vermeil bowl. It measures 9.5 inches long, and is in like-new never used condition. Marked WA Made in Sheffield England EPNS.


Item #: 10701

Vintage silver plated fish set

Vintage silver plated fish serving set with pierce cut design. Early 20th century. The fish slice measures 13.75 inches and the fish fork measures 10.25 inches. Excellent condition.


Item #: 10644

Artisanal sterling silver and pearl bracelet

Artisanal sterling silver and 4 pearl leaf bracelet circa 1980. Marked 925 on clasp. Weighs 13 grams (with the pearls). Length 8.25".


Item #: 10615

Vintage sterling silver and lapis bracelet

Vintage sterling silver and lapis bracelet stamped MB. Excellent condition. Substantial weight at 46.2 grams. The dome-shaped center stone measures approximately 3/4 of an inch across and 3/8 of an inch high. The bracelet measures 2 and 7/8 by 2 and 3/4 inches outside, and 2 x 2 and 3/4 inches inside. A good fit for a medium to medium-large hand/wrist. Wonderful open filigree work ending in an engraved floral design on both sides.


Item #: 10580

Danaides by Paul Vincze pure silver bas relief sculpture

This bas relief sculpture titled "Danaides" was made from a single sheet of pure silver, backed and framed with solid walnut. We estimate there are approximately 60 to 70 ounces or more of .999 silver in this panel. It is number 26 of a limited edition of 75 designed by Paul Vincze and produced for Vito Rossi by the Franklin Mint on February 14, 1969. The solid walnut frame measures 32" wide x 21" high x 1.75" deep, and the sculpture measures 14.5" high x 25" wide x .5 " deep. Paul Vincze, medallist: born Galgagyork, Hungary on 15 August 1907; married 1958 Emilienne Chauzeix; died Magagnosc, France on 5 March 1994. Paul Vincze was a prolific artist and an internationally acclaimed medallist. He excelled at portraiture and his work reflects his sensitive approach to the subject, his mature work achieving an almost Renaissance quality. His sitters were many and varied, including Sir Winston Churchill, President Harry Truman, Pope Paul VI, Yehudi Menuhin, Prince Karim Aga Khan and J B Priestley. He studied at the State School of Arts and Crafts at Budapest and later under Ede Telcs, an extremely talented portraitist; Vincze absorbed his instruction with enthusiasm and, in later years, expressed the opinion that Telcs 'was the greatest medallist of this generation'. From 1935 to 1937 Vincze studied in Rome and then returned to his native country. Nazi persecution forced him to flee, however, and in 1938 he came to England, setting up his studio in London. He lived there for the rest of his life except for annual visits to his house in the south of France. He became a British subject in 1948.He was the recipient of several awards including a Premio Especial at the International Exhibition, Madrid, in 1951, a silver medal at the Paris Salon of 1964 and the first gold medal of the American Numismatic Association, 1966. This Bio was taken from


Item #: 10461

Vintage amethyst silver ring c1930

Vintage silver ring set with cabochon amethyst stone, circa 1930-50. Size 9. Unsigned, artisan handmade. The stone is 1.5 x 1.75 inches with no cracks, scratches or chips. Lovely design with strong simple lines. We would attributed this ring to one of the Taxco, Mexico, school of silver artisans.


Item #: 10447

Handmade sterling silver owl pendant

Handmade sterling silver owl pendant signed NBK. Polished stone eyes. Suspended on a 24-inch sterling silver rope chain. Artisan signed NBK.


Item #: 9793

American Silver Collected by Philip H Hammerslough 3 volumes

First edition, first printing hard cover volumes of American Silver Collected by Philip H. Hammerslough: volumes II (copy 247, published 1960), III (copy not numbered, published 1965 and signed by Mr. Hammerslough), and IV (copy 94, published 1973). Self-published in Hartford, CT. Fine gray buckram and gray paper covered boards with a gilt on a black title block on the spine and a gilt on black title block on the front board. Volume 111 has wear to the title block on the spine. Volume IV has its dust jacket which has a 2" split and edge wear. Only 350 copies of each volume were printed. Each illustrated throughout with detailed black and white photographs. Each volume is in tight clean condition with just a bit of corner denting.


Item #: 9716

Maryland Silversmiths 1715 to 1830 Robert Green limited edition 1972

Vintage reference book: "Maryland Silversmiths 1715 to 1830" by J. Hall Pleasants and Howard Sill, 1972 reprint edition limited to 1000 copies. Unabridged publication of the first edition published in Baltimore, MD, in 1930 in a single edition of 300 copies. Robert Alan Green, Publisher, Harrison, NY 10528. Excellent condition with original dust cover. Measures 9 x 11.25 inches.


Item #: 9712

New York Silversmiths limited 1st edition 1964

New York Silversmiths limited lst edition, published by the Darling Foundation of New York State Early American Silversmiths and Silver, 1964, in a limited edition of 500. This copy is number 69. Excellent condition. Measures 6.25 x 9.25 inches.


Item #: 9055

Early antique Chinese bronze travel candle stick with silver inlay

Early antique Chinese bronze travel candle stick with silver inlay. Measures 3 inches long by 3 inches long and 2.75 inches high. If you wish to browse our entire available inventory please go to We also offer a consultation service, ... as well as an online price guide at Connecticut residents and buyers picking up in Connecticut please add the CT state sales tax. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any taxes, tariffs or customs that might apply.


Item #: 4246

Peruzzi floral brooch in sterling silver c1900

Peruzzi sterling silver jewelry floral brooch. Antique Peruzzi sterling silver floral brooch. This solid silver floral brooch is signed by "Flli Peruzzi". Peruzzi had a shop both in Florence and in Boston where he made the finest hand made silver jewelry designs. "Peruzzi silver jewelry" This antique Peruzzi hand made silver brooch dates from circa1890 to 1920 and was one of his first works, weighs 13 grams. Measures 1 and three quarters inches by 2 and one eighth inches long by 1 and one eighth inches wide. This is not only a rare piece but one that was quite difficult to make with all the open work to its design.


Item #: 4229

Peruzzi sterling silver cancer brooch

Peruzzi sterling silver cancer brooch. This lovely peruzzi sterling silver brooch depicts a crab with is the symbol for zodiac symbol cancer. This brooch measures 2 inches across and weighs 17 and one half grams.Peruzzi had a shop both in Florence and in Boston where he made the finest hand made silver jewelry designs. "Peruzzi silver jewelry" This vintage Peruzzi hand made silver brooch dates from circa 1920 to 1930.


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Item #: 3652

Antique sterling silver ladle

Antique heavy sterling silver ladle hallmarked by William . . .

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ITEM# 3652: SOLD.

Item #: 3645

Art Deco Silver Box

Art Deco Silver B 17 and three quarters inches wide . . .

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ITEM# 3645: SOLD.

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